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“The world is now moving beyond the .com era. It is now the .TECH revolution.”

If you’re a developer, hacker, tech brand or startup, .TECH is domain extension for you! Get an opportunity to build your brand with a domain name that truly represents your business, your interests and everything ‘tech-y’ you stand for.

With over 250,000 domain registrations in over 2 years, .TECH has seen rapid adoption across the tech industry. From biggies like Viacom, The Next Web, Consumer Electronic Show, to startups likes Sourced, Nu-Rise, Lorem and from influencers like Edgar (TechSource), Andru (GearLive), Victor Kamanga, Dom Esposito, to nearly 150+ hackathons across the globe, .TECH has become the exclusive online address of tech brands and enthusiasts.

So, if you’re in the tech space, your brand deserves a .TECH domain!

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Steps to redeem your .TECH domain:

  • Go to - - and select a domain name
  • Use the promo code DOTCSS17 during checkout
  • Make sure to select 1 or 5 years from the dropdown

Should you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].